Digital Printing Overview

We have several types of Digital Prints - please choose one of the options below to see more info.

Full Service Luster Prints

We check the color and brightness/exposure of your files and correct them as needed.

Fuji Pro Paper, Super Type PDN

Pro Pricing Luster Prints

Printed as is, make sure you have properly color corrected your files first.

Fuji Pro Paper, Super Type PDN

Fuji Pearl Prints

High gloss paper similar to Kodak Metalic. Great for landscape and artsy images.

Fuji Crystal Archive Digital Pearl

Package Printing

Fuji Pro Luster for units and package printing for sports and schools.

Fuji Pro Paper, Super Type PDN

Fuji Glossy

Crystal Archive glossy, good paper but we recommend the Pro Luster or Pearl.

Fuji Crystal Archive Type CA Glossy

Large Prints and Posters

Big prints - 16x20 up to 30x40, mounting available on common sizes.

Premier Inkjet Photo Luster Paper

Not Sure what to Order?

If you are not sure what paper to use go for one of the Luster paper options. The Full Service option is the safest option as we will look at them first. Only use the Pro Pricing option if you know your images are ready to print.

Larger Prints and Posters do not have Full Service or Pro Pricing options, we look at all of them before printing and make adjustments as needed.

Paper Types, Additional Information

We use a variety of Fuji papers, they are not all the same.

Fuji Pro Luster, Super Type PDN: We think this is the best paper there is, it is thicker than Type CA and has deeper blacks which gives it better contrast and color saturation. Available in any size from wallet size up to 12x36 (12"max width).

Fuji Crystal Archive Type CA: Consumer grade paper, less expensive than Pro Paper (Type PDN), available in Glossy or Luster finish on certain sizes. Primarily used for Glossy 8x10s.

Fuji Digital Pearl: This is a high gloss photo paper similar to Kodak Metalic. Primarily used for artsy prints and landscapes. Available in limited sizes from 8x10 to 12x36 (12"max width). Please note that Fuji Pearl paper has trouble holding highlites.

Premier Inkjet Photo Luster Paper: This is a premium quality luster photo paper used in our 12 color Canon inkjet printer. The luster finish is a close match to our Fuji Pro Luster paper.