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ROES Online Ordering

Normally when you install an app on a Mac you can just double click on the file that downloads and it will install properly. For some reason on recent Mac OS's this doesn't always work. Instead drag the ROES .app file into your Applications folder and then launch it from there.

Sometimes some of the ROES files get corrupt and need to be manually removed. Uninstalling usually does not remove these files.

If you see an error - 'Configuration failed to initialize' deleting the SWRoes folder in the first section below and re-installing should fix it.

  • Delete the SWRoes folder found in C:\ProgramData. This folder contains files needed by the ROES software, sometimes they become corrupt for no particular reason.
    • Press the Windows Key (between Alt and Ctrl on the keyboard) and the 'r' key at the same time, this brings up the Run window.
    • Paste this in the box where it says Open: C:\ProgramData
    • Press Ok and it should open up the file manager to that location.
    • Delete the SWRoes folder.
    • Re-install ROES and see if it works
  • Delete the .roescache folder found in C:\Users\'your username'\. This folder contains files downloaded by ROES - like templates, borders etc. Sometimes there can be conflicts that cause issues.
    • Press the Windows Key (between Alt and Ctrl on the keyboard) and the 'r' key at the same time, this brings up the Run window.
    • Paste this in the box where it says Open: .roescache
    • Press Ok and it should open up the file manager to the .roescache folder - you should be seeing the contents of the .roescache folder.
    • Verify that you are inside the .roescache folder and delete the contents, or go up one level and just delete the entire .roescache folder.
    • Launch ROES and see if it works (no need to re-install).
  • Delete the file found in C:\Users\'your username'\.ProLabPrintsRetail. This file contains settings used by ROES that sometimes get corrupted.
    • Press the Windows Key (between Alt and Ctrl on the keyboard) and the 'r' key at the same time, this brings up the Run window.
    • Paste this in the box where it says Open: .ProLabPrintsRetail
    • Press Ok and it should open up the file manager to the .ProLabPrintsRetail folder.
    • Look for the file and delete it.
    • Launch ROES and see if it works (no need to re-install).

If you are still having trouble, please call us at (619) 287-5346.

If you are getting an error when launching ROES or if it just doesn't do anything, try the following:

Open Finder and in the top menu click 'Go' and select 'Go to folder' from the list. A dialog window will open with a field to type a path into.

Please enter:

and click OK/Open. When the new Finder window opens, select the entire contents of the folder and send them to the Trash.

Re-install ROES.

If you are still having trouble, please call us at (619) 287-5346.

The Java version can be difficult to get to launch. Below are some tips to help you.

The following only applies to the Java version of ROES for the most part.

  • Make sure your Operating System is up to date and then go to and make sure java is up to date. Usually what happens is ROES will be working fine, then the OS and Java will get out of sync and then ROES fails to launch.
  • If you are trying to launch from a desktop shortcut, delete the shortcut and try launching from our website again.
  • Try a different browser. Try launching ROES from Chrome or FireFox. For some reason this has worked for several people.
  • Try changing the Java Security level to Medium. Go to the Control Panel (System Preferences on a Mac) and then Java and then go to the Security tab and change the level to Medium.
  • Macs - Change the Security and Privacy settings. Go to the Mac System Preferences, then Security and Privacy, and change the setting for "Allow applications downloaded from:" to Anywhere.

    Mac Security Settings set to anywhere
  • Unable to Launch Application Error - Could Not Load FIle or URL. This usually means you are launching from a shortcut and the url has changed - delete the shortcut and try launching again from our website.
  • Unable to Launch Application Error - Unsigned Application. This is a Java cache issue.

    Try the following:

    • Open the Windows Control Panel (or the Mac Control Panel)
    • Open the Java Control Panel
    • Click Settings at the bottom of the General tab under Temporary Internet Files.
    • Click Delete, making sure that all 3 boxes are checked
    • Click OK to clear the Java cache (this will remove all Java applications from your system but leave the preferences and saved files intact).

    Once it completes, click OK to go back to the Control Panel (you can close it now too).

    Then you will need to launch ROES again from our website rather than the desktop shortcut.

  • If you are still unable to get ROES to launch please give us a call and we may be able to do a remote session where we can see your screen and figure out what is wrong.

It's possible our ROES server is down, please check to see if our ROES Uploads is working properly (Normal).

This error usually means that you have a firewall blocking ROES from sending us the order. Generally this happens to people who try to send an order from their work computer, as some work places block ports ROES needs to transmit the order.

To get around this, you can save the order to disk instead of uploading it, and then use our Simple Uploader to send us the ROES file.

  • In ROES, on the Order History screen (you are probably there right now), click the 'Cancel' button (next to the 'View Order Report' button).
  • Click on 'Reopen as new order' - this will reopen the order back in the View Cart page
  • Checkout again, and click next until you get to the last screen - 'Send to us by:'
  • Choose 'Save to disk for alternate delivery' and click next
  • A new window will pop up allowing you to save the order to your hard drive - keep the original name and save it to your desktop or somewhere you can find it easily later
  • ROES should now save the order to your computer, and you can close the little pop up window (it might say Return to Specials or Show Receipt - click either one to close the window. You can also close ROES as long as it was finished bundling and saving the order, which may take some time if it is a large order.
  • At this point you are done with ROES, and just need to send the file you saved to us - the easiest way to do this is to use our Simple Uploader.
  • Click here to open our Simple Order System
  • Choose the File Sender product and then select the file you saved above, and then checkout - for the shipping method you can choose Lab Pickup as the ROES order has the actual shipping info we will use. Ignore any pricing info in the SOS.
  • In the browser window, if you cannot see the ROES file you saved, look for a dropdown box in the bottom right corner of the window that says 'Custom Files' (right above the Open Button). Change this to 'All Files' and you should see the file you saved. The ROES file is usually named something like ''.

Once you know that we have received the order, you may want to go back to ROES and find the original order that could not send - it is probably still waiting to send. You should go back to the Order History screen and Remove it.

ROES accepts JPG, Tif and PNG files (no PSD files).

If you absolutely must send us a file other than JPG, Tif or PNG, you can use our Simple File Uploader to send us your files.

ROES is not color managed very well, and assumes that your images are sRGB. If your images are Adobe 98 or ProPhoto RGB they will probably look bad in ROES. If they are not sRGB ROES will not display them accurately, but they should still print fine as our printers are fully color managed.

Our workflow is fully color managed, so whether your images are Adobe 98, Pro Photo RGB or sRGB, they should print the same. With that said, we recommend that you use the sRGB color space as it is closest to the color space of our printer.

If your images look grainy or gritty in ROES but look great in Photoshop or Lightroom, we have noticed that happens sometimes when the images are really high res. ROES seems to have trouble downsizing them properly for display. They will probably be fine if this is the case, or to be safe you could resize them smaller (if you are ordering smaller prints) and see if that makes a difference. On our end the incoming resolution is not really an issue - if they are really high res, they will be resized as needed.

Please keep in mind that ROES is an ordering system, and sometimes does not display the images as well as it should.

ROES doesn't like our way of doing quantity pricing and sometimes will slow to a crawl and then lock up if you try to order 200-300 or more images at once.

We have a special tab in the Pro Luster catalog called Qty Prints that will work much better. This tab uses the 300 + price for each size so ROES doesn't have to figure out the different quantity breaks - this helps a lot with large orders. Keep in mind the price will be wrong in ROES if you order less than 300 of any one size.

We will charge you the correct price as listed on our pricing page, not the price in ROES if it is wrong.

There are only a few sizes in the Qty Prints catalog, if you need a size that is not listed let us know and we will add it in.

When adding images into ROES you should always choose a folder - not images inside of a folder. On a Windows computer you can go into a folder and select an image and ROES will load that folder in (all of the images, not just the ones selected). On a Mac, once you get into a folder, the images inside are not selectable... all you need to do is go up one level and choose the folder itself, and ROES will then load all the images in.

A few questions have arisen with the browse dialog in OS X systems. The primary issues raised have been an inability to find desired folders, mounted drives and/or network drives.

The new dialog has a single drop down folder at the top that generally defaults to the user's home folder, showing the folders for things like Applications, Documents, Downloads and Pictures. To browse to USB or network drives, use the drop down list to select the hard drive, which will be the lowest line in the list (it may be labeled as Mac HD, boot, Hard Disk, etc.).

Mac Folder Dialog

Once you are in the main HD click on the Volumes Folder:

Mac Folder Dialog

From there you should be able to find all your other drives.

Sometimes the ROES folder gets corrupt or just doesn't display templates correctly after we have updated them on our end. This is a cache problem where ROES thinks the files are correct because they have the same file name and does not download the newer version.

To correct this, you will need to delete the .roescache folder...

On a PC - these files are usually in the Users directory on the C drive - something like C:/Users/your-username - look in there and delete the .roescache and .ProLabPrintsRetail files.

On a Mac - Folders starting with a period, like the .roescache folder, are hidden in OS X. To access these hidden folders, you must do a direct go to via Finder. Open Finder and choose Go from the top menu, then choose Go to folder from the list. In the dialog that opens, enter:


Press Enter and the folder’s contents will appear in a Finder window. Select all and then delete everything.

ROES Video Tutorials

ROES Intro Video

This is a short video going over the basics of our ROES Ordering System.

ROES drag and drop

Short video on how to drag and drop images directly into ROES from either a file manager window or Adobe Bridge.

Photoshop Video Tutorials

Photoshop Action to Split a File and Save as 2 Halves

Creating an action to split a file into two halves, and save both halves as new files. Can be run using the Batch command to automate it and run on a folder of files.

How to make a Triptych in Photoshop

Simple way to split an image into panels to make a triptych.