Not Just Prints - Pro Lab Prints

Cleverly hidden in a tiny strip mall in San Diego, we are a small team of friendly, experienced professionals doing our best to make your images come to life.

Please note we are ONLINE ONLY, we do not have any in store services, all orders must come in from our online ordering system.


See what our customers have to say about us:

I ordered our prints digitally and they came so fast! Great product.
Anonymous - Apr 10, 2024
I had an EXCELLENT experience placing my order with Kellie's assistance. I needed help choosing the right enlargement size, crop and backing for an old B&W photograph. I wasn't going to be able to submit my order via the online system without profess...
Judy Green - Mar 30, 2024
Easy order system and the prints came quick and looked amazing! Love the multiple sizes!
Anonymous - Mar 29, 2024
Ordered to be sent via email prints were sent the next day with clear and easy instructions on how to print them
Anonymous - Mar 29, 2024
Wife had no problem prints many sizes to choose from Thank u
Michael Lupo - Mar 29, 2024
5 star service! Not only the fastest turnaround time (next day) but amazing image quality, deep blacks, great paper quality.
Jeremy - Mar 16, 2024