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The ordering system was good, the packaging no problem and the prints looked good. My locket was small and I found the size I needed.
Donna D Ford - May 27, 2023
Ordering the prints was super easy and I loved that you got to preview how it would look in the locket. The prints looked great and it was easy to find one to fit the locket.
Brenda - May 26, 2023
Ordering went flawlessly..maria noticed an issue with my image. Called me and I fixed it an re-uploaded... Images perfect and consistent Thanks for being there
Alan - May 26, 2023
Great service! The concept, the quality, the convenience and timely delivery make this experience a no brained!
Tom - May 18, 2023
The service is great! Pictures are always great quality and they are always delivered in a timely manner!
Amanda - May 17, 2023
Perfect amount of sizes for me to size my mother Lockett! The email choice was perfect I got them the next day!
Christina - May 16, 2023
This was my third order and my enlargement s have been very well done. Am please with the service
Judy - May 16, 2023
Quick and accurate service!!!!
Sandra - May 13, 2023
Ordering, packaging, and time was great. Way better than Shutterfly!
Anonymous - May 12, 2023
The pictures turned out great. The website was not very easy. Seems as through it is missing a print preview, very difficult to see the finish view before purchasing but the pictures themselves are great. I have more to order but just not sure about the selection of the prints.
Angela - May 11, 2023
We looked everywhere locally for a place that could print locket-sized pictures. I did a search and this was the first option that came up. I was hesitant to use a service I'd never heard of before, but I bought a locket for my Mom for Mother's Day and the picture was of my gransparents, her parents. It was a special thing and I was determined to get the prints, so I took a chance. I'm so glad I did. I chose to print them myself so got the email delivery and everything went off without a hitch.
Julie - May 10, 2023
I've been using Fromex for years. Always top quality prints, very fast! The only lab I will use and will continue to support!
Jacob - May 10, 2023
The whole process was quick and easy. The prints came out beautifully, and there were several sizes available to choose from. I would definitely recommend using this company!
Stephanie - May 10, 2023
Easy, intuitive, system to use. Done quickly and ready for pickup at my convenience.
Anonymous - May 8, 2023
Ordering was easy. I accidentally uploaded low resolution copies of some photos, and they reached out to me to ask for better resolution photos before being printed. I was very appreciative of them! The final prints are great quality and I’m happy to have my professional photos up on my wall.
Alyssa - May 3, 2023
Everything with ordering was so smooth and I received my order so fast. Very satisfied with my order and how so many different sizes were given to me to make sure I found the perfect fit for my locket. Definitely recommend.
Cecilia - May 3, 2023
The rush time print was really good, faster than I expected and as always with ProLab great quality... Thanks
Teresa - May 2, 2023
Always great quality prints, and easy to submit online.
Anonymous - May 2, 2023
Photos were beautiful! I love coming here for my special pictures that I am going to display. Well priced and always speedy service. Will continue to use the services.
Rhonda - May 2, 2023
Simple, ready, and seamless. Great job on the prints!!!
Anonymous - Apr 27, 2023
Very helpful staff answered my question over the phone. Print was beautiful and met expectations. Thank you!
Anonymous - Apr 20, 2023
Loved the pics! It made it so easy to cut the pictures for my lockets!
Secret - Apr 20, 2023
Great Service! Fast shipping and great quality product!
Brandon - Apr 19, 2023
I was worried, being a first time customer, that the desired image crop would be captured. The photos came and I was relieved and overjoyed by the quality and quantity of the prints at an affordable price. Thank you!
Austin - Apr 12, 2023
Everything looks great. It was ready with an easy pick up on El Cajon Blvd from a friendly employee.
Nancy - Apr 10, 2023
Pics came out perfectly. Was impressed with the various sizes for each shape that that the sheets had.
Anonymous - Apr 8, 2023
Always great quality on any photo prints, always on time. Great prices and customer service 👏
Adairis - Apr 5, 2023
I received photos and was extremely pleased. They turned out awesome. Thank you for your quick response.
Christine - Apr 2, 2023
The print quality and the packaging are flawless. I purchase from them regularly for my business and my customers are always commenting on both. Thank you!
Jim - Apr 2, 2023
I was looking for a photo of my beloved kitty small enough to fit inside a locket ring I bought. Even though I knew I'd be receiving all kinds of sizes, I wasn't sure if any would be quite that tiny. Luckily I needn't have worried because indeed there was a size that fit perfectly! Not only that, but it still retains enough detail to be recognizable, which is important when dealing with small scale photos. Including two sheets (cropped and uncropped) was very thoughtful too. I'll be keeping the extras for use in any other future projects.
Patti - Apr 1, 2023
Prints were excellent and as ordered. Arrived timely and very easy to order/upload photos.
Ben - Mar 31, 2023
Great quality prints in tons of sizes
Josh - Mar 30, 2023
I always have a great experience ordering. Easy to order and my prints show up quickly and looking great.
Stephanie - Mar 30, 2023
I needed my images quick and they delivered. Without me begging. Great work, Thank you.
Blink Photography - Mar 29, 2023
The photo quality was great and the 5x7 had every locket size there could be. They shipped fast. Can't wait to include them in a gift I have planned.
Michele - Mar 29, 2023
GEORGETTE - Mar 29, 2023
The process was very simple to follow
Lisa - Mar 26, 2023
The variety of locket print sizes is exactly what I needed! And I can pass on the extras to my family. They arrived faster than anticipated! Very pleased!
Vicki - Mar 23, 2023
Quick turn around. Easy to work with.
Glen - Mar 22, 2023
From ordering to picking up the finished product, the process is fast and easy and the quality of the prints is excellent. I highly recommend ProLabPrints.
Ed - Mar 22, 2023
Had to call for personal assistance and Kellie was most helpful - More than satisfied as always
Ralph - Mar 22, 2023
Excellent quality of photos. Some technical bumps as far as uploading photos on the website, but overall the staff/Ron was very responsive in assuring it was done properly! Very fast, we love our wedding photos!
Michelle - Mar 22, 2023
The cart system is a little bit janky. You lose everything in your cart when you refresh the cart page. That being said, the quality for the prints is phenomenal. What you see on the screen is accurately replicated in the photo. I'm very happy that I found this hidden gem online!
Hong - Mar 21, 2023
Reply from ProLabPrints:
Our ordering system is a web app and if you refresh the page you will lose the order. In the future we hope to have the order info saved so that if you do that you won't lose the order.
I was looking for a new printing company and came across PLP via a google search for a specific paper type. Put in a test order after some email discussion and they had filled the order and mailed it out THAT day. I was astounded! The quality of the printing was better than the company I had been using. I decided to switch my entire stock and I have not been disappointed. They are extremely fast for the amount I order, but there is no lessening of quality or customer service. Packaging is fantastic and shipping is some of the least expensive I have seen in a while. Which is a huge plus, especially right now! Should they decide to expand to a watercolour or rag paper stock, I would also be interested in having them as a printer for my lines to paint. I HIGHLY recommend them for printing services!
Nico - Mar 15, 2023
Excellent product. Will use you again.
Anonymous - Mar 10, 2023
The prints are always amazing! I love the quality and work you guys do. Thank you!!!
Paloma - Mar 7, 2023
Your lab has done a terrific job of printing my images. I appreciate all the help and advice you given me me over the last few months. My images have have been high quality and promptly delivered with no mistakes.
Jim - Mar 7, 2023
The prints are terrific and so many options for different sizes or perhaps a mistake cutting out. Great and fast service.
Chams - Mar 6, 2023
I have been ordering prints for several years from ProlabPrints. I love the quality and the quick turn around of the orders!
Anonymous - Feb 25, 2023
We needed locket prints to create a memory for our daughter. The prints we received were perfect! And I been able to share these prints with other family members as well. Thank you for helping us restore a beautiful memory!
Leah - Feb 19, 2023
Fast service, picture quality was better then expected
Evie - Feb 18, 2023
I have been customer for over 10 years and even though when I moved to Los Angeles I still get my pictures done at ProLabPrints there’s no place, quality and reasonable prices like ProLabPrints. Thank you very much for your amazing service
Kinga - Feb 17, 2023
Great service!!! Quick turnaround and awesome product!!!
Kathie - Feb 16, 2023
I was so happy to find your services for my heart locket. It was super easy to order and my prints arrived just a few days later. I love that I didn’t have to figure out the size of the locket photo like other websites. It’s impossible! I received multiple sizes and found a perfect fit! I now have several other sizes for mini frames all for the cost of my locket photo. I am really pleased and will definitely recommend your website! Thank you.
Cheryl - Feb 16, 2023
ProLabs is my go to for headshots. They are always timely and produce great photos. Thank you ProLab Prints!!
Michele - Feb 16, 2023
The packaging & prints were perfectly great. Thank you.
Anonymous - Feb 12, 2023
Great quality of photos and sizing options. Easy to order and delivery was fast
Monica - Feb 8, 2023
Excellent and fast service!
Emma - Feb 8, 2023
I've been a customer at the lab for many years. Results are almost always beyond expectations. Quick turnaround is the rule which is much appreciated. Keep up the good work!
Gary - Feb 7, 2023
The prints for my locket were perfect. Extremely clear. Thank you!
Beth - Feb 7, 2023
The pictures came out better than I could have even hoped! The photos arrived in perfect condition and very quickly. I love all the various shapes and sizes the locket pictures came in - every single one came out in perfect detail. Really wonderful work!
Jennifer - Feb 7, 2023
Ordering was easy and the pictures look great and were well packaged! I will order again in the future if needed. Thank you for your great service.
Jennifer - Feb 7, 2023
It was super easy to upload and crop my photos. My order arrived quickly and the prints in various round sizes are perfect. Unfortunately, I messed up the size I needed while cutting. However, this was my fault. I highly recommend this service - easy, professional, quick turnaround, great quality and a good value.
James - Feb 6, 2023
I had ordered these a while back before Christmas time, ( i believe the week of Christmas) they came literally just in time for my mothers heart locket necklace. You guys did absolutely perfect, if i ever need a print of any sort. I will definitely be coming back. Thank you so so much.
Caless - Feb 2, 2023
Lovey prints are nice quality with many sizes to fit my locket and extras. Prints arrived quickly.
Anonymous - Feb 2, 2023
Ordering system is great, packaging is top-notch and the prints are always on point.
Fabi - Feb 1, 2023
Photos came quickly and were perfect for my locket. Customer service was great when I had questions.
Janet - Feb 1, 2023
Ordered 3 prints sized 12x16 and they came out absolutely immaculate. The turn around time was phenomenal and overall pleased with the entire transaction. Will definitely be returning for future prints!
Kevin - Feb 1, 2023
The photo I ordered turned out beautifully! I ordered a photo for a locket and got a sheet of many different sized photos to choose the one that fit the best!
Danica - Jan 31, 2023
Quick turn around & professional quality.
Shaun - Jan 31, 2023
Great photos, quick arrival!
Anonymous - Jan 25, 2023
I needed a rush job done and they were able to deliver by the next morning. So appreciated!
Ginger - Jan 24, 2023
Everything was absolutely perfect. The photos turned out great and I am so pleased with the 24-hour turnaround. Especially given that it was a holiday weekend. I did find the online interface a little challenging. But in the end, I figured it out. It had to do with next step after uploading. In summary though, I am 100% happy with all. Thank you!
Elissa - Jan 24, 2023
Lots of different sizes and options!
Anonymous - Jan 24, 2023
Beautifully produced, excellent selection of sizes and prompt delivery. Thanks
Larry - Jan 24, 2023
Fellows. You did a great job on 2 prints I ordered. I recently ordered four 12x18 prints from you. The first 2 were terrific. The second 2 were not good due to my mistake. I am now having difficulty with loading to your site. Something is wrong on my end. When I get some help I will be ordering several more.
James - Jan 20, 2023
Reply from ProLabPrints:
Give us a call or email us if you need any help!
I’ve been meaning to get prints done for a beautiful locket my husband got me last year and put it off. A lot of places just don’t offer them, and I wanted a variety of sizes so I could potentially use the rest of the images for other jewelry or crafts. My sheets were perfect - excellent quality and a great amount of sizes.
Brittany - Jan 19, 2023
Quick service as always and great quality. Prints have consistent coloring. Can’t ask for much more!
Anonymous - Jan 18, 2023
This product was just great. The various size of the photos on each sheet made a seamless effort in funding the perfect size for my Locket. The quality of the pictures was superb. I would definitely use this service again.
Colleen - Jan 18, 2023
My photos arrived quickly, even from across the country! The company was fast to print them and get them on the way! I was surprised to see another photo page of locket prints, in addition to the marked out oval ones I ordered. I can use the small ones for a wallet or a spot on the fridge!
Anonymous - Jan 13, 2023
I think everything is great. Quick turnaround. The prints always look good.
Anonymous - Jan 10, 2023
Great price, fast shipping and beautiful photographs! Just what I needed for my odd-shaped locket, fit perfectly!! Thank you so very much! Highly recommend!
Anonymous - Jan 10, 2023
Awesome service ! Great idea to send many different sizes because it’s difficult to measure what size you would need in a heart shaped locket
Anonymous - Jan 10, 2023
The locket prints I ordered were done beautifully!! This is a top notch company with great personal service. The order came very quickly as well !!
Tina W. - Jan 10, 2023
Turn around time was fast. Prints were excellent. Very satisfied
Robert - Jan 9, 2023
The website said it would fill in the photo so that there wasn't blank space, since it didn't perfectly fit into a heart shape. However, the photo was not fixed or resized to fit into a heart shape, and a white border is visible.
Anonymous - Jan 9, 2023
Reply from ProLabPrints:
It sounds like you used the 'Shrink to Fit' option which will shrink the image more that what fills the space which will end up adding borders on the sides. We have no way to fill that in since there is nothing there.
The ordering process was extremely easy. The packaging was arrived in excellent condition and the quality of the prints were perfect. Will definitely use these services again.
Pamela - Jan 5, 2023
ProLabPrints, always provides the best service and print quality for our photography company. As well we really like the ordering system and direct shipping to our clients - it is a seamless system that makes the whole process simple and effective. Thank you ProLabPrints!
David - Jan 4, 2023
prints arrived a few days after i placed the order. was easily able to find a size to fit
Anonymous - Jan 4, 2023
It was easy to order. I chose to go to a store and print them out. I had one that fit the locket so that was great.
Regina - Jan 4, 2023
We needed a last minute prints of some photos for later the same afternoon. Pro Lab Prints ordering system was very fast & easy to use, they produced high quality work and exceeded our expectations with customer service. We're so glad we found this company and we'll be using them again soon! Thank you!!
Denise - Jan 4, 2023
The locket photo sheet(s) were well-done (photos were clear and perfectly centered); also, the shipping and delivery was prompt. (I would have preferred a photo sheet containing only photos in sizes close to the one I needed, as I don't know if I'll ever use the numerous other size photos on the sheet.)
C. O. - Jan 4, 2023
Great turn around time & great quality. Will use again.
Tieler - Jan 4, 2023
Excellent quality prints turned around fast. Easy ordering via web, simple pick up at lab.
Ed - Dec 28, 2022
Perfect photos every time
Michael Brown - Dec 27, 2022
Super easy to order, shipped fast and came with dozens of options to fit literally any locket! I'm not sure how they got the photos so clear when they're this small but they did!
Sara - Dec 27, 2022
Photos were awsome and exactly how I needed them to be. Delivery was in a timely manner, actually showed up earlier than stated. Will always use if I never need photos again.
Chris - Dec 27, 2022
Ordering system is the best I've used. Simple and quick. Prints look just like the digital file. Packaging was excellent and it arrived a lot sooner than expected. Thank you!
Anonymous - Dec 27, 2022
Prints were great, there was a lot of variety in sizes. Worked perfectly for my daughter’s locket. Will def use again.
Merrily - Dec 26, 2022
Ordering system was easy enough. Packaging was great. Some prints were great, others were surprisingly more blurry than expected. And some pics straight up lost color in the pic. Ex: Some of the decorated Christmas trees have spots of color missing. I’ve always been 100% happy with Fromex. Something was off this time.
Valentina - Dec 26, 2022
Reply from ProLabPrints:
Best to contact us so we can check your images to see what happened.