Prints on Metal

Prints on Metal - your image infused into a piece of aluminum. Available on white or brushed aluminum in a high gloss finish.

The price is the same for either white or brushed aluminum. Choice is made when ordering in ROES.

Size 1 2-9 10+ Ready to Hang?
5x7 $16.95 $12.95 $9.95 No**
8x10 27.95 21.95 18.95 No**
11x14 47.95 36.95 32.95 No**
12x18 59.95 48.95 44.95 No**
8x8 25.95 20.95 17.95 No**
11x11 40.95 35.95 32.95 No**
10x20* 75.00 - - Yes
16x20* 90.00 - - Yes
16x24* 115.00 - - Yes
20x24* 125.00 - - Yes
20x30* 150.00 - - Yes
24x30* 175.00 - - Yes
24x36* 190.00 - - Yes
*Large Metal comes ready to hang.
**Sizes 5x7 up to 12x18 can have hanging hardware added to the back, but it is not incuded in the price.
The smaller sizes also look good in an easel so hanging hardware is not always needed.

Details and FAQs

How do I order?

Please use our ROES ordering system to order, all of our metal sizes, options and prices are in there and you will see a preview of the crop that you can adjust as needed. if you can't get ROES to work you can also use our Simple Uploader.

What is the turn around time for Metal prints?

For sizes up to 12x18 normal turnaround time is 2 working days. Larger sizes take 5 working days.

Shipping Info

Metal prints that are 12x18 and smaller usually still qualify for our $7.95 flat rate shipping. Metal prints larger than 12x18 ship for a flat rate of $20 each (up to 24x36).

Which is better for my image - White or Brushed Aluminum finish?

Well, that is a tough question... generally speaking for images with lots of color/saturation we like the brushed aluminum finish, and for light/washed out images the white finish is usually better. The brushed aluminum finish is really spectacular on some images, and almost always looks fine at the worst. The white finish always looks great and is the most accurate representation of your image.

If you are not sure which to order, go with the white finish, it always looks good.