Print Scanning

Need to scan your prints or flat artwork? We can scan and reproduce just about any size print.

We can scan and print your existing photos and restore most damage caused by age, tears, scratches and other blemishes.

Scanning prices for photos and flat artwork:

Size of Original Price
up to 11x17 $7.00 each, 10 or more $5.00 each
Larger than 11x17 $15.00 or more depending on size

Print prices for copies of photos and flat artwork (in addition to the scan price above):

Print Size 1-9 10 +
4x6 $.85
5x7 2.50
6x8 or 6x9
8x10 5.50
8x12 6.50
10x10 7.95
10x13 or 11x14 10.95
12x18 12.95
16x20 25.00
20x30 30.00
24x36 35.00

We can also give you a CD or USB with the scans for $6.99 (does not matter how many originals).

Email with link to download files is $4.00

All scans are kept on file for future orders for at least one year.

Photo Restoration

Included with all of our scans above is a couple minutes of Photoshop work where we try to fix simple issues like spots on the background or solid areas. Photos that have damage that is beyond that are considered restorations.

Restorations can be simple, moderate or complex.

Turnaround times vary - simple restorations are usually done in a day or two, moderate and complex restorations may take a week or so.

Restoration Type Price Details
Simple $10.00 - 20.00 Fix minor tears in the background, add text, remove simple areas, isolate subject (remove background)
Moderate 50.00 Fix areas that go over no more than 2 faces or other detailed parts of the image, multiple tears
Complex 75.00 Heavy restoration of multiple faces, multiple tears