Film Processing

We develop and process color and Black and White film with a 3-4 day turnaround. Reprints and enlargements are usually done in 2-4 days.

Film Developing on Hold

We are currently unable to process negatives, we are not sure yet if this is permanant or not, hopefully we will know soon.

Fuji Pearl Paper Digital Prints

We develop both color and B&W film once a week (in by Tuesday at 12, ready by Wednesday at 5). You can choose process only, process and CD, process and print or process, print and CD. Prints are available in gloss or luster finish, borderless or with borders.

35mm Film Developing 4x6 singles 4x6 doubles 5x7 singles
12 exposure $7.91 $9.11 $10.79
24 exposure 11.03 13.43 16.79
36 exposure 14.15 17.75 22.79
35mm Process and CD only 12.99

Prices do not include tax. Panoramic prints counted as 2 prints per frame. 3.5x5 and 4x7 prints are same price as 4x6.

35mm Process Only: $6.00
120 Process only $7.00
220 Process only 8.00
4x5/5x5 Prints .75 each (at time of processing)
Luster finish only

Scanning at Time of Developing
35mm Medium Res Scan (1200x1800) to CD at time of processing: $6.99
35mm Multiple Roll Scanning with Processing and Printing: $3.00 per roll additional (1200x1800)
35mm High Res Scan (2000x3000) $19.99 per roll
120 Medium Res Scan (1500x1500) to CD at time of processing: 10.99

Reprints and Enlargements (film)
Reprints and enlargements can be made from 35mm, 120/220, or Slides/transparencies and can be in color, B&W or Sepia. Turnaround time depends on the size of the order, and season - usually small orders are done the next day, and larger orders can take about a week.

Print Size 1-9 10-50 51 or more
Wallet size * $.85 call call
3x5 or 4x6 .85 call call
4x5 or 5x5* 1.50 call call
Pano-4x12 1.25 call call
5x7 2.50 call call
6x8 or 6x9 3.50 call call
7x10 or 8x10 5.50 call call
8x12 6.50 call call
10x10 7.95 call call
10x13-11x14 10.95 call call
12x18 12.95 call call

*the minimum charge for a reprint from 120/220 negs is $1.50 - regardless of what size it is - so if you need a print smaller than 5x7, it will be $1.50 no matter what. All prints are made on Fuji Crystal Archive or Pro paper. Please call for large quantity price breaks. $2.00 charge for special cropping. $1.00 charge for handling single cut negs. Prints from slides are an additional $1.00 for each original (1 4x6 from one slide is $1.50)