Custom Printing and Consulting

Work directly with us on your special projects.

Custom Printing

If you would like to work directly with us on your project, try our Custom Printing and Consulting service. We'll bring you behind the curtain and work with you on our calibrated Eizo monitors to adjust your images and print them while you are here. If needed we can re-adjust and re-print* to get as close as possible to exactly what you want.

Cost: $60/hour plus print pricing, 15 minute minimum ($15).

Appointments: We recommend that you make an appointment, though we try to accomadate walkins as best as possible. The ideal time to do this is in the morning between 10 and 12, or in the afternoon between 3 and 5.

Please note that while we will be working directly with you, we may still need to answer the phone and help other customers. So while we will be charging by the hour, this is not for 100% time - maybe more like 90% time. We are flexible on the hourly rate, our goal is to offer a helpful service in a manner that works within the constraints of running our business.

* There may or may not be a fee for reprinting an image - depends on the size of the total order and reason for reprinting.

Details and FAQs

What is the difference between Full Service Prints and Custom Printing and Consulting?

Full Service is us color correcting your images to what we think is a good overall color and density. Custom Printing is more for getting exactly what you want, and can involve dodging, burning, color enhancement, image editing or any other photoshop work you may want, all at your direction.

Custom Printing is also usually done while you wait.

Will I leave with my prints, or have to come back for them?

This depends - if you are just getting prints (no mounting) you should be able to leave with them. Keep in mind large prints should not be framed for at least 24 hours. If you are getting your prints mounted we will want the prints to rest for 24 hours before we mount them. Canvas wraps will still take a few days to get stretched.

Can I bring my own specialty paper to print on?

Yes (as long as it is a compatible paper), but we may need to make a custom profile for it, which can take 24 hours (profile prints should rest for 24hours before being read). If we already have an existing stock profile for your paper we can try that and see how it looks. We will still charge you a print fee.

What if I don't need prints? I just need help with my digital files.

Then you just pay the hourly price. We are always happy to help people with their projects, but if a project needs more than a few minutes of our time and you will not be ordering much in the way of prints then we will charge you for the consultation.