Bulk Print Scans

Need to scan or digitize hundreds of old photos? Our bulk scanning service is the answer.

If you have large numbers of prints that need to be scanned they may qualify for our bulk scanning service.

In order to qualify, your prints must meet the following criteria:

  • Size - they must be between 2"x3" and 8"x12".
  • Condition - they must be loose (no album pages), no tape or sticky residue on the back or front.
  • Thickness - they must be normal prints, that are flexible and not brittle.

* Prints must not be fragile/brittle. We will not be responsible for any tears or damage that occurs.


$25 setup plus $.25 per image, $40 minimum order.

Please note that these are bulk scans that are not edited. The cropping will be slightly off on some images, and they are not optimized like our normal print scans.