Launch ROES - Requires Java

ROES for older Operating systems - Windows XP and Mac OSX 10.6

The link below will launch the ROES online ordering system. Once it is installed you should also have a desktop icon on your computer that says ProLabPrints ROES, and you can use that in the future to launch ROES and send an order to us.

ROES Ordering System Alternate Launch Link

Click here to launch ROES (Requires Java)

Please note: This version of ROES requires Java to run, and on some older Macs and Windows XP machines it can be challenging to get it to run. The key is to make sure that Java is up to date and so is your Operating System. There may also be some security settings in the Java Control panel that need to be changed.

Not sure if you have Java installed? Click here to go to, then click on Do I have Java? to see if you have Java installed.

If you are having trouble please give us a call so we can help you.

(619) 287-5346