Prints with Borders

White borders, rounded borders, big borders and little borders.

Borders are available in our ROES ordering system for most common print sizes. The below examples are based on a 4x6 size print. The smallest border (1/8") is only available on prints 5x7 and smaller. Please note that borders change the aspect ratio of the image area, so be sure to check the cropping. Also, we try to make the border as even as possible, but they are not always perfect, some variation is to be expected.

Please note that the border sizes are approximate - they are not exact.

eighth inch photo borders

1/8th inch White Border

quarter inch photo borders

1/4 inch White Border

rounded photo borders

Rounded White Border (4x6 only)

quarter inch photo borders

3/4 inch White Border

art edge photo borders

Art Edge Border

reverse art edge photo borders

Reverse Art Edge border

Details and FAQs

How do I order prints with borders?

You can use our ROES ordering system to order, all of our sizes and prices are in there and you will see a preview of the cropping that you can adjust as needed. If you can't get ROES to work you can also use our Simple Uploader, or if you are in San Diego you can bring in a flash/usb/portable drive and order in or our lab.

Where are the borders in ROES?
In ROES you can find the borders under the Options section when a size is selected. The Options section is either on the left under the print sizes or on the right at the top. Borders are an option that change for each size selected.

What is the turn around time for prints with borders?

There is no change to the turnaround time for prints with borders, so it is the same as whatever type of print it is you are ordering (1-2 days at most usually).

The border I want isn't available on the size I want.
Not all sizes have the borders added as an option. Creating the borders can be time consuming so we focus on the most popular sizes and sometimes skip odd sizes. If it is something you plan to order more than once you can let us know the size and border you want and we will see if we can add it.